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The Smith River Crew (or ours at least)

If you are looking for the Real Estate Company that owns - this isn't it.  We don't sell anything, we're not related (so it isn't a family thing), and there's only funny business conducted by this crew.  It is a loosely organized group that is relatively good in longevity.  We've been getting together to float the Smith - every year for (as of 2010) - twenty years.  When we couldn't float the Smith, we floated the Missouri, the Blackfoot and once in a mud puddle on Curtis Thompson's ranch. 

The idea of the float (from what I've been told by reliable sources) came from one William Strizich.  He had heard from a number of uncles that the Smith River was an excellent float with no rapids that allowed one to relax, fish, and get away from civilization.  In the Spring of 1991 - Bill started organizing.  An old fraternity brother (Art) said that he knew all about the Smith River and could organize the whole thing - all we had to do was rent boats and pay for food - yeah, right!

From those first fledgling steps to something bigger than the sum of the parts, our crew expanded, contracted and most importantly got together each year to float.  As permits became harder and harder to come by, we expanded our venue to include the white cliffs of the Missouri, and the Blackfoot river above Missoula - but time and time again we attempt to return to the Smith - like spawning salmon.



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