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The Chronology of the Float:

1991 The first float:  Bill Strizich, Larry Strizich, Steve Strizich, Art Tadewald, Spook Stang, Scott McCulloch, Ron Tuskand, Tony Morton, Tony's son (sorry - don't remember a name)

Floated from Camp Baker to CT Ranch

1992 Potato Guns
1993 Bill Ryan joins the float
1994 Float of Fools - cups were provided.  Bill Striz, Larry Striz, Steve Striz, Tony Morton, Tony's Son, Scott, Spook, Larry Smith, +1, Art Tade (on probation)

Floated Smith River from Camp Baker to ? - used rented rafts - no frames, dragged a lot.  July 1-3 (or so)

1995 Freddy VV joined the float (Boland too?)
1996 Mark Grass started?
1997 The Jake and Toad trip
1998 Smith River Float '98:  Bill Striz, Bill Ryan, Steve Striz, Spook Stang, Steve Doherty (& Buddy), Scott, Larry Striz, Mark Grasseschi, Tony Hoyt

Floated from Camp Baker to Eden Bridge.  Rated floaters on the rapids at Givins Gulch.  Appears to have been wet. 

2000 Missouri River 1:  No Scott (got Ben instead), Bill Striz, Larry Striz,
2001 Smith River: Greggo Joined - or perhaps not.  Bill Striz, Larry Striz, Bill Ryan, Greggo, Virgil Hawkinson, Toad Bleskin, Jake Kershner, Steven Striz, Scott, Bill Ryan, Mark

Floated from Camp Baker to CT Ranch - got wet and some got cold - and some were whiney little girls.

2002 Bill was unable to join - the Great Snow Trip (see photos)

Floated from Camp Baker to CT Ranch.  Shot at gofers on the way out.

2003 Blackfoot River It appears from some photographs (from Leona) dated and everything that this was a Missouri float.
2004 Blackfoot again
2005 Missouri
2006 Cory Joined.  Floated on a permit with Greg Kegel & Co. - Tomatoes allowed
2007 Cory gone - Curtis T. and Rich Matoon provided tunes.  First time Curtis joined the group - ran for election the whole way down the river.

Floated from Camp Baker to CT Ranch

2008 The Alternate Liquid Experience: Bill Strizich, Larry Strizich, Cory Fay, Mark Grasseschi, Curtis Thompson, Spook Stang +, Scott McCulloch, Bill Ryan, Greggo

Remained encamped at CT Ranch. Ate drank and Mark was Mary - he was the only one with the fore-thought to bring a dress.  Ryan demonstrated why one needs to pay attention when driving on wet roads, even in the country.

2009 A Great Float:  Bill Striz, Larry Striz, Scott T, Cory, Mark G, Greggo

Floated from Camp Baker to CT Ranch.  Great weather and water until the last day - then only overcast.  LJS celebrated 58th BD with Surf & Turf.  Five kegs put on - one went back.  May 30 - June 3, 2009

2010 The 20th float - or not.  I'm thinking 1994 was the first float, so we will really only be on 16 - but 16 is a lot!

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