Sandy Claws

Big Bill - AKA Tampa

XMAS 20123

This is the Sandy Claws Web Site for the Striz & Co. Xmas for the upcoming year. 

Select your Target recipient from the links and see what they have requested.

The History of Sandy Claws started with Spanky - a canine of true intellect and character who was instrumental in the character development of Bill, Larry, and Leona.  The tradition of canine supervision continues today with  Jack, Dieter, Rascal, Dixie, Astro, Kimbo, and Nala - and their close friends/cousins Sadie and Ziggie. Of course, the feline lessons are a part of us, but ... we should return their deep abiding affection with a similar level of distain.

As of 11/27, I have removed the old list.  Please update with your wish list.

I'm sure you've all heard the old joke - a group of cavemen were clearing an area of large rocks.  Steve - the head man - was struggling with a particularly big one - two fellows - Nate and Bill came up and offered to help.  Nate bent over, picked up the stone and carried it to the rock pile.  Bill insisted he could do it more easily, so the three found another stone of the same size, at which bill found a long pole and explained this thing would help him move the stone without strain.  He used a smaller stone to serve as a fulcrum, lodged the end under the large stone, and told the others to stand aside and watch the magic.  He jumped into the air and landed on the free end of the pole, at which point the large stone sailed up into the air, arced gracefully and fell upon Steve, crushing him to a jelly-like paste.  The moral of the story - better Nate than lever.


OKAY - Better Nate than lever - as of 12/20/13 the wish lists are empty - feel free to repopulate with your suggestions.  Some of us Secret Santa's can use the ideas - others will of course blissfully ignore them.