Based on actual documentation taken from a log written in our own hand, I can reasonably say that these photos are taken from the Float of 2002.

The float took place on the Smith River between June 9, 2002 and June 13, 2002.

Manifest of members includes

  Mark Grasseschi
  Larry Strizich
  Bill Ryan
  Scott McCulloch
  Steve Strizich
  Virgil Hawkinson
  Gregg Overman
  Ed Hughes
  Ray Quigley

Meals included:  Chile Verde, Seafood ala Ryan, Pasta Ala Greggo, and Steak with Jambolaya

Beer inventory included:

2 8 gal Moose Drool
3 8 gal Bud Lite
1 16 Gal Bayern Amber
1 8 gal Descutes Porter
1 3.5 gal Pyramid Hefewisen
1 3.5 gal Bayern Dopple Bach

This year is the most heavily documented in Smith River Float History (or at least for us).  We have three sets of photographs and a log book.  I'll present them all, unedited, for your pleasure.

The following were thought to be 2001, but no they appear to be 2002 shots