Okay - I'm confused.  Based on the entry in a book about the Missouri, we were on the Missouri in 2005. $#@#$$@@#!

Apparently - this was another Blackfoot Float.  The original was to be 2004, but on my computer these were all dated 2005 - correct me if I'm wrong.  We had along Gus Strizich as well as the crew, and Bill brought the fifth wheel, so Gus didn't really rough it much (neither did Bill for that matter.)

I introduced the 'Campaign tent' extra tall, but real drafty.  As I remember, Billy Ryan was not one of those who originally signed up, but his evil twin made a guest appearance for an evening - during which he distinguished himself as usual.

Attendees included:

  Greg Overman
  Scott McCulloch
  Mark Grasseschi
  Spook Stang
  Bill Strizich
  Larry Strizich
  Gus Strizich
  Ruby Begonia