In 2008 - Plank Owner Scottie got a permit.  Unfortunately, the dates (May 20somthing) were predicted to have rain and/or snow for the whole trip.  Not to be outdone, the group met at Curtis Thompson's Ranch for four days - and drank the beer, ate the food, bullshat and tried to keep warm.  There are a number of opinions as to how this non-float was in terms of fun.

There were lots of meals, lots of music, and a nice little wood stove that kept us from becoming dude-sickles.  Among the highpoints were the rousing choruses of 'old man river' sang to the very cold, wet, dispirited floaters who passed by in front of the crew.

In attendance were:

  Curtis Thompson
  Bill Strizich
  Mark Grasseschi
  Gregg Overman
  Cory Fay
  Bill Ryan
  Scot McCulloch (permit holder)
  Larry Strizich

The following are original digital photos.