Originator of the entire float William (AKA Bill) Striz got the permit for a launch date of May 30.  Weather was glorious, water was great, what more need be said.

The crew was small - only six, but we made some hard and fast decisions about some history of the crew.  Bill is credited with the original brain child in 1991.  Some other specifics will be posted as they are interpreted.

Crew:   Bill Strizich (captain), Cory Fay, Scott McCulloch, Mark Grasseschi, Gregg Overman, and Larry Strizich launched.  There were four craft used - Big Orange, Spooks Raft, A borrowed Ed Hughes rig, and Mark's Skeeter.

Beer:  We brought five kegs:  Great Falls Select, Bayern Amber, Budweiser, Pigs Ass Porter, and a Deschutes IPA.  The Deschutes IPA was returned unopened, but the others fell victim to excess.

Meals:     Massive Rib Steaks with Garlic Mashed Spuds & Corn


              Jambolaya & Pulled Pork

              Steak and Lobster Tail

Larry/Bill Photos follow