Shuttle/Pull out

2010 - Packing List
Shuttle/Pull out

This is the info I have regarding shuttle requirements and preferred pullout site.

Member Shuttle Required Pull out Point Shuttle to
Scotty McCulloch* Yes (1 car) CT Ranch Great Falls
Spook Yes (Truck & trailer) Eden Bridge Eden Bridge
Bill Striz Yes (Truck/Trailer) GF1 Eden Bridge Eden Bridge
Larry Striz GF1 Eden Bridge  
Cory Fay GF1    
Virgil Hawkinson None Needed Eden Bridge  
Gerry Bekker None Needed Eden Bridge  
Steve Striz None Needed    
Tim Mitchel None Needed    
Travis/Tyler/Seth None Needed before CT Ranch NA
Mark G GF1    
Greggo GF1    

* Scotty was worried that he is the only one listed as getting out at Curtis's ranch.  While the image of a bereft Scotty, sitting alone on the beach with a half warm cup of beer in one hand and a soggy horsecock sandwich in the other - one knee of his dirty jeans torn and the scabby knee poking out - a tear rolling down his cheek - does bring a smile to my face, I'm only listing here what folks have requested.  The current consensus is that we go the distance.